Shopping and thoughts

by | Nov 25, 2004

I’ve bought some new manchester today for the double bed… I’m really looking forward to doing some more sessions in the boudoir – as I think it’s been a underused…

Also bought a wedding present for a good friend of mine who’s getting married on the weekend (sunday in fact) – I hope she likes it! I also went shopping to have a look for a new dress to wear, but I think I’m going to wear the full length black dress I bought in Rome a few years ago… I did get some new shoes though! ‘

A good friend of mine had some of her copy stolen from her website by another lady who has decided to set herself up as a Mistress – hmm – well, no professional training, no experience, no clue! And a thief…. good luck honey

I find it hard to believe that someone can think that it’s okay to steal from another Mistress… it’s just disgusting – I wouldn’t trust my submission to someone like this… but then – I’m not submissive!