Silly subs!

by | Nov 15, 2004

I appreciate that sometimes people don’t know how their schedules are going to pan out until that day – but generally, if you want to make a same-day booking to come and see me it’s a good idea to ring earlier rather than later!

I have an errand to run later this afternoon – but have really been not doing much at all until now… well – playing on poota and drinking coffee – but not enough notice means that the subs miss out on seeing me… this seems to happen to some people time and time again – oh well every now and then someone is lucky and I do actually have time available – I guess it’s worth calling just in case.

I’ve been having a look at Sissyland and their Maid in America program – it might be good to organise something similar here – I know that there are a lot of good maids (looks at kellilasub) out there – and a lot of bad ones also! I’ll give it some further thought and report back!