The ad is in….

by | Nov 23, 2004

Well my phone has been ringing – but no one has been too annoying… I suspect my cunning plan of putting poor Miss Evie’s name first has meant that all the irritating people are calling her!

That said – I had a session today with someone who’d seen my advertisement – admittedly he had seen me a couple of years ago at Salon Kittys so not a totally new person.

I’ve had a couple of interesting phone calls – I suspect that some people need to speak to you a couple of times before they actually make a booking… I’d love to do some research and find out!

The only problem I have is the “describe yourself” question – but I’m getting better… Does this sound like me? I’m 5’8″ – size 10-12, fairly busty… no tattoos – a more conservative than alternative look, fair skin, dark hair, green eyes – though once I said I had green hair and dark eyes! Which isn’t really me at all – hehehehe

Oh – and I bought a new bed! A cast iron style double bed…

We’ve dubbed it “Evie Quinn’s Bed of Sin” – hehehehe – but I’ve been thinking about how little I use my lovely boudoir… and the annoying little single bed (with good bondage points however) is a primary reason…


I’ve been spending a lot of money lately – but then that’s the thing with a business I guess… it’s just a shame when it’s things like beds and advertising instead of cool toys or sexy new outfits!