Very busy few days!

by | Nov 21, 2004

Well It’s a good thing Friday was so relaxing – because I’ve had a busy weekend!

Yesterday I had a very fun cp session with a very nice cp enthusiast – we “ran the rack” of almost all my implements… I must go buy myself a Lochgelly tawse – that’s something sadly missing from my arsenal!

Later I had a four hour booking with a new client – it had lots of fun content – including a suspension with thigh caning 😉 – but for some reason we didn’t quite connect properly in session… not something that happens very often – but is a bit disappointing. That said – I did have fun giving a severe back flogging (like the famous “blood eagle”) – and lots of other good things…

Today was two more fun sessions…

First up was a girl! I *very* cute girl I must say 😉 – who was into traditional cp – I think I was a rather evil Governess – though I do think she remembers the first 6 elements of the periodic table at least – I did beat it into her by the bare skin of her behind!

Then I saw a dear slave of mine that I’ve been seeing for many years… for once in a dozen of so sessions I *didn’t* cane him! There was use of the single-tail of course 😉 and a couple of needles, g/s, rope, strap-on, pegs, weights and lots of other fun things… much fun was had by all – particularly me!

Tonight – I have to admit that I’m drinking a lovely glass of pinot noir (thanks slave!) and relaxing with half an eye on Australian Idol…

I’ve taken a big step of booking some advertising in the Daily Telegraph this week – I’m a bit nervous about the sort of people that might call – but truth be told I’ve met some really wonderful slaves from the Courier – so I will just have to have patience… luckily the advertisement also includes my friend Miss Evie Quinn (the sexy young switch)- so I’m hoping they’ll all ring her bar one or two subs looking for a strict, experienced Mistress….