Christmas is coming…

by | Dec 16, 2004

I have to admit to not being a very Christmassy person – until the very last minute that is… I drove through the city tonight and there were a lot of very drunk people in suits trying to make their way home – mmm – office party season!

I did however get a lovely xmas present from some penguins (and a max-mate) in the mail yesterday – some beautiful fully fashioned stockings from Agent Provocateur in London! Yay – so little by little the christmas spirit will seep in…

Still I have to say I found this meme pretty funny!

Your LJ Friends at Christmas by schonheit
decorating the tree _starry_
waiting patiently under the mistle-toe sapphire_sky01
had too much egg-nog pyxie_
is shocked to learn there is no santa dr_nic
protesting the celebration freeq
stealing the presents escapade52
crying in the bedroom because of the stress of the brandtotter
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