Fun session and some thoughts

by | Dec 2, 2004

I had a very fun session with a new sub today – someone who had seen my tele advertisement… it was cbt and nt with piercing and catheter!

Yay – very fun…

I was supposed to have a session with someone who’s seen me once and has failed to make a couple of other appointments – once with an apology (15 minutes before mind you) and once just as a no-show… Well this time he’s outdone himself by confirming but not coming in. So there’s a sub who will never be at my feet again – three strikes…

I wonder what happens in cases like that – mostly I’m pretty understanding about no-shows, people ring up, get excited and make a booking… but a day later in the cold light of day they’re just a bit too scared/feel too weirded out – whatever. I suspect that a few people “chicken out” of their first booking but end up being fantastic subs later down the track.

A first session is a really big thing – something so totally out of someone’s everyday experience… and of course is a fair amount of money to spend too… so I understand that it might just seem like not such a great idea.

But usually the seeds have been planted in the imagination – and a week, or month later they’ll be unable to resist!

This guy today though – I’m not so sure what that’s about… there’s been one other also – someone who I’ve actually seen who then makes bookings and doesn’t come in… I think it might be a fear of “addiction” – of getting too enthralled… one sub I used to see (sometimes) at SK was notorious – he used to make a booking to see me almost every two weeks – but only came in about 20% of the time – very frustrating. But I know how he struggled with his conscience about sessioning – even though it wasn’t anything at all out of the ordinary as far as I was concerned.

Oh well – at the end of the day it’s really themselves that they are hurting – as once someone’s mucked me around enough even my patience wears thin…