Ho ho ho….

by | Dec 17, 2004

I had a productive day today – I somehow deluded myself into thinking I has a session at 10.30 and was very cross when there was no confirmation (particularly because it’s a regular client of mine) – anyway at some stage I looked in my diary and realised it was at 1pm – sigh…

However I did catch up with a good friend of mine for brunch which was lovely…

Session was great fun – Headmistress role-play in the schoolroom – mostly otk spanking, and a dozen with the very whippy light cane.

The I caught the train into town and braved the hordes to go Christmas shopping!

It was actually not as bad as it could have been – I managed to get quite a few presents – and only bought a couple of things for myself 😉 that was the danger of stopping at the Benefit counter!

I have some very interesting bookings over the next couple of days – including a couple… which is often very fun!

There is no chance on earth of getting me out of the house tonight though!

I’m very tired… and and planning on relaxing with a nice glass of wine… speaking of which – having been informed by slave that the bottle shop up the road in Petersham is worth checking out I went in and bought a bottle of the Brokenwood Cowra Verdelho.. Yum! Though apparently they’re not making it anymore so I might go in and grab a few bottles… they were very dusty – it’s that kind of bottleshop crowded with strange things – many of which hail from Portugal of course… (Petersham where my dungeon is, is Sydney’s “Little Portugal” for o/s friends). I love crazy bottleshops – that’s one of the downsides of the spread of Vintage Cellars and so on – you might get good prices on big labels but there’s not the range of strange dusty bottles to explore!