Merry Christmas!

by | Dec 26, 2004

A very quick update 🙂

Christmas was great – lots of family stuff of course and my cunning plan of asking for wine paid off! You know how you often get awful presents from well meaning relations and friends of the family – cheap nicknacks, awful bubble bath, pot pourri (who the hell wants pot pourri??) Anyway – I let it be known that I’d rather have wine – a $15-$25 bottle of wine is a lot better than a nicknack of the same value!

Today was great – took my dog to stay with the in-laws while I’m away, they spoil her rotten but she still acts as if I left her at a gulag…

Tomorrow I head off nice and early(ish) to drive south – hopefully camping in one of the beautiful national parks if there are any free campsites (it’s school holidays so we’re taking a risk) – otherwise a lumpy pub-bed will be calling 🙂

Then staying a couple of nights (including New Year’s) with a good mate in Melbourne…

So no Internet for some time – shock… how will I survive 😉

No sessions for a week or so – I’ll try not to go mad… I’m not really very good at relaxing – but I’m going to try my hardest – with lots of walks and swims and nature – always the best possible rest… and to be honest – much more fun/relaxing than any spa resort.

See you all next year!