New icon

by | Dec 5, 2004

thanks to fraerie who made me a new icon… it’s very cute – hehehehe

Maybe I need to get myself a paid account again – so I can have more icons – though even with the three I have I only really use the black and white one that serpentine_kiss made for me after our photo shoot…

Had a nice day yesterday – a fun session with someone I used to see at Salon Kitty’s who’d tracked me down again 🙂 a couple of hours of lots of different things, everything at a light/medium level and with lots of teasing… it was good fun!

Then hung out with badpauly for a while – drinking some of the lovely wine that one of my favourite slaves bought for me (along with some Little Creatures beer). felix_femme brought a tasty drop also but sadly went off to do Leather Pride stuff before the bottle opener arrived 😉