New phone!

by | Dec 21, 2004

Well Vodaphone finally ported my number across so I don’t have to worry that it will suddenly stop working when I’m waiting for a call!

That said – I lost my messages, so if anyone’s left me a message in the last day or so I didn’t get it!

New phone is very similar to old phone – I “stole” my good handset from my personal mobile number a few months ago when I started having problems with the motorola one… anyway – now I have two tiny little “clamshell” mobiles… and my friends and family can actually get in touch with me!

Still haven’t settled on a ringtone – so if I don’t answer the phone – give me a call back because I might not recognise it the first time 😉

I had a couple of very fun sessions yesterday, including giving a naughty boy his first two strokes of the cane – in what was only his second session ever! Even if they had both been within a few days of each other… The other session was mostly light and friendly with a focus on strap-on and anal play.

A few bookings in the diary for the rest of the week – lots of fun sessions to look forward to!