Phew – very busy day!

by | Dec 15, 2004

Well Monday I went and did family stuff… which was great but made it strangely feel like it was still the weekend…

Then yesterday I had three fun sessions!

The first one was being strict Aunt and giving my naughty nephew a good dose of the cane! Ooh – his tail was on fire… 😉

The second was someone I used to see at Salon Kittys but haven’t seen since I left – it’s an adult baby session with a slight difference… he’s role-playing a boy of about 12-13 who is treated as a baby by a kind but firm older woman (this time a teacher, but I’ve been next-door neighbor, aunt etc) who catches him doing something naughty and puts him in nappies or on the potty to teach him a lesson… there’s a little bit of light otk spanking but it’s mostly changing nappies, powdering his bottom etc…

I used to see quite a few adult babies at SK, but I haven’t since I went independent – interesting… I know a lot of Mistresses hate them – I think that’s why I saw so many – if anyone rang up for that sort of session the ladies would say “Ask Servalan, she does baby sessions”

The other session was predicament bondage with one of my favourite rope slaves – but this time we added another element with Evie Quinn coming in with me as an additional sub! Hi-jinks ensue as they say…. particularly involving bells, rope, lots of clamps and chains….