swim with evie quinn!

by | Dec 1, 2004

A funny day today – part enormous frustration with my poor car, part fun, lots of extreme heat! Another very hot day with temperatures over 40 degrees (not sure what that is in the old money) phew!

I went to Newtown and was buying new cock-tie cords (somehow they disappear, I have no idea where or how) – all red originally, but I got a few meters of green too so I can turn some boys’ bits nice and festive! I’ve got bells for their nipples too – hehehehehe

My friend Miss Evie Quinn was supposed to have an extended session today, but the silly boy cancelled… we decided to catch up anyway – but when I tried to leave her house, my car decided it was too hot to go anywhere! Bugger….

So I ended up at her house for a while to give my poor care time to reconsider – and I dropped into SWOP to pick up some free supplies… there was a woman there who told me she “didn’t usually drink” but went out with some friends – drank way too much and woke up with a tattoo on her pussy! OMG – she had no memory of it at all – but there it is to stay – I asked if it were a nice tattoo – just two words…. Eat Me

Umm – okay….

I can’t imagine being so trashed that you could do something like that and not remember!

Anyway – my car relented and Evie and I ended up at my house for a swim (via Underworld to drop some stuff off) of course – by the time we arrived the southerly had swept in and it wasn’t perfect pool weather, but we went in anyway and had a nice splash around 🙂 She’d not met my pets before – and it was funny to watch Buffy rolling around begging for more and more pats and scratches! Plus the cats all smooching up for attention…

And in quizzland news… hehehehehe – though I have to say it’s not my “determination” that put me in the Upper Middle Class – just my family, school and university!

You scored as Upper middle Class. Your determination have soared you this high, yet not high enough to enjoy the luxuries of the upper class. Your most valued posession is your country club membership which is kept framed in the office.

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