too funny

by | Dec 5, 2004

Very very funny – I remember reading a Terry Pratchett where someone orders a book on “Martial Arts” instead of “Marital Arts” – but just in case – the latter is the order of the day in this wonderful Japanese Guide

I had one session today – good fun – a mix of lots of different stuff… I actually really enjoy doing one or two sessions on a Sunday – I get kind of grumpy if I’m not doing anything cruel/kinky for more than a day! So for me taking bookings most days is so much more fun than when I was at Salon Kitty’s and worked 4 “shifts” – I don’t do too many in a row – or feel worn out… but if I go more than two days without mischief I go a bit stir crazy!

In other news – I’m checking out all the good quality leather knee high fetish boots… It’s surprisingly hard to find anything good – so far there are three options (Banana Shoes, The Little Shoe Box and DeMask) – but I’m still looking… if anyone has any ideas, please post them here! But please – not the “usual suspects” as they are usually cheap (under $100 US) and not made of good quality hides – or even worse – vinyl!