by | Jan 26, 2005

Now this may seem strange – considering my profession but I’m very shy about going into sex shops – leather/ fetish stores are fine, but sex shops make me blush!

So the recent death of several vibrators was a slight problem – I’d been meaning to replace but I just kept putting it off… thinking – Oh I’ll go to that store in the Cross where Dior (a Mistress I used to work with) works, or that I’d get some stuff online…

silly huh

Anyway I noticed a sign on a door in Newtown saying “20% off all toys” so took that as A Sign (not just a sign if you know what I mean)… and went in!

Came out later with 5 new toys! All of the buzzy family – replacement vibrating nipple clamps, a teeny tiny little vibrator like an egg but thin as a little finger, something that twists and vibrates and looks like a butt plug, a plain thin buzzy one, and a multispeed pulsy sort of one – the shop guy said was great… hehehehehe

The guy was really nice, and very helpful – I think he’d tried out a lot of the stock on himself at some stage 😉 so not too scary at all – plus a great discount!

yay – I’m going to have a lot of fun trying them all out on my unsuspecting subs!