DDI advertisment

by | Jan 21, 2005

I met up with the wonderful badpauly for breakfast this morning to look over his layouts for my DDI advertisement – it looked fantastic, but I decided that it needed a foot shot as well (on account of how I love foot slaves!). Now the great thing about a designer who is also a photographer – we just drank our coffee – headed to the dungeon and shot some!

Then I had a session with someone I’ve been seeing for years – it was a very fun intruder role play where after I caught the intruder I gave him an enema and locked him in the cage! hehehe – hijinks ensue – as the tv guide would say 😉

Trying to scrape some energy together to go to crimsontide‘s birthday party – not that I don’t want to go, just that I’m tired…. will get up in a minute and glamourise myself! She always looks so great, I have to rise to the challenge in honour of her birthday 🙂

I’m not going to make it to Hellfire though – I don’t really feel like it… next month for sure (but then I always say that!)