Fantastic day

by | Jan 17, 2005

I had such a good day today – went to the travel agent and booked the flights for my US tour – now I’m thinking I need tour t-shirts! Mistress Servalan US Tour 2005! hehehe

Then I had a girl I know come in and check out the dungeon for possible professional use! She’s a cute erotic switch who trained at Fetish House in Melbourne – so anyone looking for a sexy young thing or a double Mistress/sub should drop me a line and I’ll pass on her details!

I had a wonderful session with a new foot slave – which was great and I even got to wear my new pink shoes! OMG I love them! They make my feet look so wonderful – sigh…

Oh – and I had another lady come to look at the dungeon – she’s a lifestyle Mistress who wants to book the whole place overnight for a special occasion with her boyfriend/submissive. I hope they go ahead – she seems nice and seemed to get a lot of mean/fun ideas looking around at all the equipment and different rooms to play in! There’s not many options for dungeon hire in Sydney apart from Salon Kitty’s of course 🙂

Oh – and this is strangely compelling – gakked from freeq and master_flea

1.) Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b>
2.) Eliminate the asterisks.
2 1/2.) Replace “yourusername” with your user name.
3.) See what color you are.