lj year in review meme

by | Jan 7, 2005

The – LJ 2004-in-a-nutshell meme-thing
Gakked from ozgenre

“You take the first sentence from every month from your journal, and put it all together so you can sit back and go ‘I really AM a freak’ and take a good look at 2004. Ta-da!”

January: Well – I’ve made it back to a puter with some good news! My puter is fixed – yay! Under warranty – bigger yay!!!

February: Yesterday was quite fun – I had a session with Mistress Sheridan Taylor and her latex slave..

March: Well that was a busy fun day!

I had a quick chat in the Max Fisch chat room this morning, then off to let my friend mistressquinn into the dungeon where she seemed to have a lot of fun getting up to mischief, gauging by the big smile when she was finished 😉

April: I had such a great day today!

Mistress Arika had a session this morning, and then we went to Newtown to have lunch and a good look at Reactor Rubber – apparently latex is very expensive in Japan – so I suspect Mistress Arika may be in later to do some serious shopping!

May: Well I had a relaxing weekend…

I went out to the CDI International Dressage on Saturday – which was quite fun… though I have to say that the standard of music in the Freestyle to music (which we went to see) was terrible!

June: Well last night I had a fun session – overnight! Slave was with me for 14 hours, from 6 pm to 8 am this morning…

July: Bah! I’ve been trying to post this for ages – I bet feedthefetish broke lj again!

August: Well I’ve been having some great fun recently – I’d been thinking that I hadn’t had a chance to play with any slutty “girls” lately and then I get a couple of cross-dressing sessions in a row

Septmber: I had such a busy day yesterday which is good! Three sessions and a quick catchup with beltmeplease for a chance to torment him and also have a chat and a bite to eat…

October: Well last week was good… I saw my mssslut two nights in a row – and we had a great time playing, chatting and drinking nice wine! Hmm – someone looks rather fetching in a red wig I must say – hehehehe

November: Well I did catch up with my newest slave over the weekend – he bought me two beautiful new Chanel nail polishes!

December: It was a very hot day today – but I kept the aircon cranked up and got up to many hours of fun with mssslut!

I need to learn not to start every second post with “well”… but otherwise – looks like 04 was fun! I seem to remember it that way 😉