Maids and hotels 🙂

by | Jan 18, 2005

I was supposed to have a session with a regular cp sub today but he didn’t confirm in time (actually about 40 minutes late) and I missed his call explaining what happened – and he didn’t call back or leave a number… so he missed out 🙁 and I missed out cause I was looking forward to the session…

A reminder – confirmations are there for a reason – if I say “confirm at 10 am” that is when you call…


However – I had a new sissy maid come in later! s/He had seen my advertisement in Paddles – which was a surprise because most Paddles people are “pure” cp – headmistress role play etc. Anyway “Maid Jenny” was very fun – some training, some spanking, lots of humiliation!

I’ve got quite a few plots about developing a training program for sissy maids – with levels of attainment that they have to reach…. I must start putting that in writing – I have some interest in the “Maid in America” program – I think it would be cool to do something similar here….


The accommodation is sorted for NYC! I have booked a room (with private bathroom, cable TV, microwave etc) in a very cute guesthouse in Chelsea… so the NYC end is sorted! Have also booked for Las Vegas and am staying at the Bellagio!!! Very luxe 🙂

So all is sorted except for Los Angeles – because I’m staying with friends in Chicago and San Francisco…

Now there’s the three months to wait before I leave!