Poopie webmail

by | Jan 30, 2005

I signed into my hotmail account and found out that it had been deleted! Poop.. I’ve had it for years and years and it had a few special emails that I’d saved over the years… Including the one from Mistress Amanda giving me a job at Salon Kitty’s many years ago!

grumble grumble hotmail…

Have re-signed up, hopefully the couple of email lists I’m subscribed from at that addy will be okay.

In good news however I had a very fun second session with a foot slave today – it was a two hour session, which really gives me enough time to explore a variety of activities and not to feel rushed on anything… lots of toe sucking, trampling, golden shower and a few new things like some electrical!

Very fun!

I’ve been doing more face-sitting recently too – I don’t allow much in the way of body worship – it’s just not all that interesting to me… but I have to say face-sitting (wearing leather pants) is a very different kettle of fish – more about domination than titillation! So today included some – combined with the trampling and kneeling…

I’ve decided that heaven includes a glass of champagne, a comfy chair and a good foot slave (or two)! Hehehehehe