by | Jan 13, 2005

I went shopping today!

I got the train in to the city with the theory of buying some moisturiser and new foundation… oops – did I say two pairs of shoes?

The new moisturiser is from Avdea – which I’ve been planning to try for ages – I got a serum as well that adds extra goodness (and an extra $99.95)! So we’ll just have to see if it shows on my skin!

I’m actually having a bit of a sulk because I nearly bought a new handbag but didn’t… It was a burberry one – not canvas check, but in a dark cherry red leather… reduced from over $1000 to about $350 (though they said they’d give me another reduction)… I just wasn’t sure if I could justify buying a new handbag – but my cream and black furla on is getting a bit old….

Now I wish I’d just bought it – but I had already spent a lot of money on cosmetics and shoes…

poop – if I go back, it will be gone 🙁