Weekend fun 🙂

by | Jan 16, 2005

Started on Friday with a great cbt/nt session with someone new – yay a lot of people seem to like my new website! He requested my latex chaps and pink buckle top… which looked pretty hot I must say… I have no problems with outfit requests, as long as they are made in advance…

Then I popped into Gallery Serpentine to pick up a new pvc mini skirt for the session that night – but sadly it was too small for mssslut so I will take it back and see if they will make me a larger size one for next time.

The session was an overnight one – very fun – anyone interested in more detail can read a review on Max Fisch that he wrote!

Saturday was mostly recovery – I was looking forward to a cp session but the poor sub had to cancel due to illness… never mind – I’m sure we’ll see each other soon!

Today I had a family lunch thing then was able to return to the dungeon where my New Pink Shoes were being dropped in by one of my slaves… just a quick chat because I had a session coming in – poor thing didn’t even get to kiss my new shoes 😉

The session was piercing – so fun… I haven’t been doing as much piercing as I used to – I think I must not have made it obvious enough on my old website that I’m experienced in this area and really enjoy it – so today was very fun… lots of lovely needles 😉

A-Z meme thingy gakked from pyxie_

A – Accent: Australian (light)
B – Breast size: C cup
C – Chore you hate: cleaning (like cooking)
D – Dad’s name: John (isn’t that what dads are called?)
E – Essential make-up item: good sheer foundation
F – Favorite perfume: Chanel Chance, Miracle
G – Gold or silver: Platinum
H – Hometown: Sydney
I – Insomnia: Not really – just restlessness
J – Job title: Mistress
K – Kids: lots of pets
L – Living arrangements: house in Marrickville
M – Mum’s birthplace: Sydney
N – Number of apples you have eaten: lots
O – Overnight hospital stays: I had my adenoids out when I was 3
P – Phobia: none – but there are thing I don’t like too much!
R – Religious affiliation: None
S – Siblings: can’t you tell I’m a spoilt only child?!
T – Time you wake up: 9am
U – Unnatural hair colors you’ve worn: Red, Black, Blonde, Purple – but natural for the last 10 years
V – Vegetable you refuse to eat: mushrooms
W – Worst habit: Procrastinating
X – X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, back
Y – Yummy foods you make: Rice and beans, leek and lentil lasagna, bean and potato casserole, dhal, curry, risotto with asparagus lots of healthy yummy food!
Z -Zodiac sign: Libra