by | Feb 22, 2005

I had an appointment to see the new season’s makeup colours at Chanel – which I did – but not without suffering with the stupid rat bastard trains…. one cancelled and the other late – which is a reminder of why I don’t catch public transport much!

Anyway – the makeup artist was nice, but got a bit carried away – first she did the new colours – then (without showing me what it looked like) she decided to change it all and bring out the colour of my eyes… which was all well and good – but I ended up with a *lot* of eye makeup – and a bit more “shimmer” than I would have deemed necessary for 12.15 on a Tuesday afternoon.

Oh well – at least I like the lipstick and lipgloss – so I bought them – then walked around all day looking like I was lost from some scary photoshoot… not really my sort of makeup to be honest… and I do “Mistress makeup”!

Then had lunch and afterwards went looking a on-sale leather… I had a vague theory of looking at leather pants, since I lost weight my other ones are a bit loose… but everything I saw was horrible lamb leather! Euw – what’s with that – or calf that was sort of thin and almost papery… shudder… I just thought baby pink might be cute 🙁

Yucky overpriced crap quality non-cow leather….

In other news – I have a couple of sessions booked tomorrow which should be good fun – not least of which is an overnight – plus rubber shopping!

Speaking of rubber I washed an awful lot of it today – when my friends were playing in the dungeon…. so everything is all ready to get grubby again 😉