Another big night ahead!

by | Feb 25, 2005

Such a nice day today – I went and had another massage with the therapist not-of-doom 😉 which was great – I’m feeling a bit taller!

Then off to Woolloomooloo to have lunch with Tim and David from Skin Two and DDI – they’re in town for the rubber ball tomorrow night… I had such fun chatting – the desire to travel to the UK as well (after my US tour) is building! I’ll just have to see how things go…

Picked up my new leather skirt from Karnal – oooh – it’s so beautiful… I’m really looking forward to wearing it out!

Now I’m trying to catch up on some email and also on my board on the Hang at Max Fisch – I’ve been so busy with sessions lately that I’ve got a bit behind… so sorry if there’s people I haven’t replied too!

Overnight with beltmeplease tonight – he’s been locked away since January 1 – hmmm – should I let him “out” do you think??? Hehehehehe – I wouldn’t count on it!