Busy days and a weird meme…

by | Feb 24, 2005

I had a very productive day yesterday – I had a very fun session in the morning – with a charming gentleman I’m enjoying getting to know better – this time was focussed on bondage with cbt and nt… very fun…

Then I went out to Kingsgrove to do some medical shopping – bought up big on Fleet enemas! Hehehehe – well it’s not so good to run out 😉 Betadine and alcohol swabs were purchased also…

The met up with mssslut at Reactor to choose some latex – I must say he looked very fetching in the latex zip-front mini-dress! Of course this was enhanced by a visit to Gallery Serpentine for a lovely patent and brocade waist cincher 😉

After bidding slut farewell early this morning – I went back to bed for a proper sleep – but the phone kept ringing! Hmm – maybe I should remember to turn it off when I need to catch up on sleep… the irritating thing is that I had a couple of appointments today so wasn’t able to take any more – even though several people asked… funny thing was that neither of the bookings eventuated – one didn’t confirm at all, and the other confirmed 25 minutes late – so I cancelled as it was too late.

Hmm – makes me think that perhaps new subs need a “two-stage” confirmation process – mainly because people I do want to see miss out…

I’m having a quiet night at home for once, watching tv! I have a massage planned for the morning – and then am meeting with people from Skin Two and DDI… hopefully they suceed in the plan to get better distribution in Australia – because while I regularly purchase Skin Two (from my friends at Reactor) – I haven’t seen DDI here – even though I’m advertising in it for my US tour!

Then another o’night session! This time with poor beltmeplease who’s been in chastity for 51 days again – since locking himself in the CB3000 (with me holding the key) on New Years Day….

Hmmm – should be a lot of fun tomorrow night – tormenting him and then locking him away again!

Oh – and in meme-land so nice for the PTB to suggest some new interests for me!

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. kink score: 16
2. photography score: 13
3. music score: 12
4. books score: 12
5. movies score: 11
6. art score: 11
7. servitude score: 11
8. submission score: 10
9. tattoos score: 10
10. reading score: 10
11. sadomasochism score: 10
12. caning score: 9
13. computers score: 9
14. d/s score: 9
15. s&m score: 9
16. masochism score: 9
17. body worship score: 9
18. chains score: 9
19. theatre score: 8
20. beauty score: 8

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