Funny the way things work out….

by | Feb 8, 2005

A very hot night tonight and that’s without any sessions 😉

Lots of stuff I’m thinking about – catching up on a few mailing lists! One person has the coolest tag line in the world – There are 10 kinds of people in the world – those who understand binary, and those who don’t. hahahaha – must be that geek fetish =1!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the nature of submission – and sessions and stuff… I think I’ll have to go be serious and put it down somewhere. I was watching Australia’s Next Top Model (sad I know) but the shoot with the male swimmer and the girls just emphasized what I was thinking about the beauty of male submission – how he bent his neck before them… very hot! (but then I had a boyfriend/sub who was an ex-Australian squad member years ago so know how sweet those boys are)

Then an interesting debate arose on an email list I’m a member of run by Mistress Amanda of Salon Kittys (where I worked for many years) – in regards to a slave wanting TPE (total power exchange) particularly in the financial area… strange coincidence I won’t write about, but here’s my response…

Hi Amanda,

In our culture, money = power, so for many males the lure of submission is deeper than handing over control of their bodies to an experienced Mistress for an hour or so… Financial slavery is very exciting to those who want to both feel the humiliation of paying an attractive woman and who want to feel “used”. In the same way female submissive want to feel used sexually – some males like to feel used financially…

Of course for many the experience of submitting financially is no more than paying the session fee – but for others the desire to give over control can only be achieved by more drastic measures – at least in fantasy!

There are many “internet Mistresses” who are happy to take a potential slave’s money around – but how many of these are actually men who’ve set up a site with a few sexy models is another guess!

I suspect that for many – the fantasy of giving up complete control is very alluring – but in reality… very few really want to give everything (or even a share) to their Mistress.

It’s an interesting fetish…