Hotel naughtiness

by | Feb 1, 2005

Well I did my first session in a hotel room last night! Something fun for a change with mssslut… amazingly the room had a large exposed beam that was ideal for bondage – you could even do a suspension from it! Any kinksters looking for a hotel would do well to consider the Sebel at Pier One!

Also went to dinner – which was hugely disappointing, I have to say avoid Galileo at the Observatory Hotel – the service was dreadful, really dreadful – poor slave had explained on booking that I was a vegetarian, and had been assured that there would be a few options for me… well the stupid waiter spent a lot of time telling me that vegetarians eat fish. Umm – no they don’t “Well my girlfriend’s a vegetarian and she eats fish” then later on “You know 90% of vegetarians eat fish!” Honestly, since when is a fish a vegetable?!? Sure there are people who don’t eat red meat, but they’re not vegetarians… He was not just unhelpful, but actively rude! And this is not somewhere cheap… not by any stretch.

I have never had such bad service in my life…

Anyway – when they finally sorted out something for me to eat it was horrible! Just a plate of roast vegetables with some sort of oil on them, very greasy… which is not what a ragout is – which is what they called it…

At least the bread was okay – and the wine was great!

Oh and the company 😉

Dessert back in the hotel room was more fun – especially having slave suck chocolate and berries off my heels… though I wonder what room service thought when I opened the door in a bathrobe and knee high leather boots 😉 At least I remembered to take off my strap-on first – that would have been a bit too much of an eyeful!