movie and massage

by | Feb 18, 2005

Went to see Bride and Prejudice today – it was hi-larious! I loved how well Jane Austen translated into Bollywood… all the big singing and dancing set pieces…

Of course after that I had to go to Maya Marsala in Crown St and eat waaay too much yummy indian – thali sets are the best – though I do like a lot of the other good stuff 😉

What else – I went for a massage today – very scary… the last couple of massage therapists I’ve seen have been much bigger sadists than I am – eep! But this new one was quite gentle – she works along the muscles and fascia rather than getting the evil elbows in – or maybe that’s for later sessions when I’ve been lulled into a fall sense of security! Anyway – I left with my neck all relaxed and feeling several inches taller and I wasn’t even wearing heels 😉

It’s easy for me to point my finger at my fetish shoes and corsets when it comes to my sore back etc – but I think it was actually worse when I worked full time in suit-land…

Anyway – I have another appointment for next week so we’ll see if the goodness continues or if it’s a “tour de force de pain” as my friend and ex-massage therapist used to say while chuckling at the knots she was grinding with her pointy elbows…. shudder….