Nap time 🙂

by | Feb 4, 2005

Well I have had a super busy week this week – so if anyone’s feeling neglected re email or lj – that would be why!

Lots of fun sessions this week… one yesterday was with someone I saw at SK when I was an apprentice Mistress about 5 years ago! He’s nice, mostly a light tease style of session but he loves urethral play…. which reminds me, I’ve done a couple of fun catheterisations lately – one in this session… It’s so cool to watch someone orgasm with a catheter in – it looks like someone’s sucked milk up a straw! Of course this makes it fun for them to suck it out of said straw 😉

Another that springs to mind was two hours of restrictive bondage, abandonment and cp – with one of my friends in to watch the proceedings. I really enjoyed the session – but wasn’t totally satisfied because I didn’t get to talk to the sub face to face before we began – his fantasy was to play on the “fear of the unknown” by giving me a script but not even seeing my face until halfway through the session… So in many ways it did make it harder for me to judge the best way to proceed. However any time I get to use both rope and cane I’ve got to be happy 😉

I’ve got an overnight session tonight – which should be a lot of fun… captivity and control! Hence the nap – while an overnight session doesn’t mean playtime all the time (I think that at least couple of hours locked in the cell wondering what’s going to happen next is important) – I don’t want to be yawning just when it all starts getting very interesting!

I’ll have to report back on how it goes…