Reactions are funny…

by | Feb 10, 2005

I really can’t stand watching men dominate women – with a particular distaste for older unattractive men and young beautiful women… it gives me the creeps. I usually feel an overwhelming desire to turn the tables and see how he likes (whatever it is) – of course I would never do that – and I realise that 99% of the time it’s squeaks of enjoyment not distress but it still makes me uncomfortable.

Interestingly if both the people are young and cute then it doesn’t worry me too much but the male has to be gentle and respectful in his dominance… perhaps I’m just thinking of a couple I did a session with where the boy really wanted to learn how to dominate his g/f because that’s what she was into…

I’m not a female supremacist – that always seems a stupid sort of thing really – even if I did want to start up a collection to send all the gor-bores off to OWK for a bit of attitude readjustment!

And I like playing with girls myself! But I think I am a lot more gentle with them than I am with males… in all my sessions there is a mix of light and shade – harsh cane strokes mixed with a gentle touch on slave’s face or tight rope and a light caress… but I suspect that the girls get a tiny bit more light in the mix!

Funny that can even carry over in transformation sessions… I’ll be kinder to the person when they’re dressed in frilly lingerie and a wig than I was half an hour earlier!