Tales from the ball

by | Feb 27, 2005

Well the Skin Two Rubber Ball was fabulous!

The strict door policy was enforced – so (almost) everyone looked great, which makes a change from a lot of fetish parties where there are lots of “lurkers” wandering around wearing black pants and an ugly black pirate shirt and perving all the fetish finery… eeuuww

Caught up with lots of fabulous fetish friends – Blonde Latex Princess and Brunette Latex Princess were there with their super handsome rubber-clad husbands. We had a great time hanging out and catching up…

I saw mistressfi and her beautiful grace looking wonderful… and also serpentine_kiss wearing a very sexy outfit – she didn’t recognise me! Which was rather funny considering the fact that she has photographed me wearing the very same corset I was wearing at the ball!

Several of my old Salon Kitty’s colleagues were there – they did a performance piece which I thought was fabulous – I loved the slave rotisserie in particular! I’d ask kellilasub to make me one, but I don’t think I’d actually use it…. cool though!

What else – hmmm – lots of swanning around looking glamorous – I had my photo taken on several occasions, hopefully some will turn up somewhere looking good.

Today was some sleeping – and visiting friends – I had my phone turned off most of the day, so if anyone was trying to call me try again tomorrow 😉