by | Feb 21, 2005

The sound of my busy weekend rushing past!

Not just with some very fun and different sessions – but also some social life 😉

Saturday my friend Vanessa came in to assist/voyeur a session with a sub from interstate – he had to drive all the way back to Victoria afterwards, which would be more uncomfortable than you might expect seeing as he’d had 168 strokes of the cane (and lots and lots from the strap) and some attention from my singletail! Oooh – sore bum all the way down the hume 😉

I suspect Vanessa had a lot of fun – she even administered a few with the cane herself! And slave did say that they were all in the right place – though not very hard compared to mine! Hmmm – perhaps I have an “apprentice Mistress” and not just a very curious friend!?!?! Only time will tell…

Later that afternoon another interstate person – this time from up North – in fact that’s a strange factor linking all my sessions this weekend – all four were from Interstate – two Queensland, two Victoria…. Hmmm – I wonder if there’s something in that 😉

Second session totally different from the first – a more sensual style of session with lots of gentle anal stimulation, nipple torture and cock and ball torment – with poor slave restrained in some way most of the time… see – I’m not always brutal 😉

We were talking about extending the session longer – but I realised that I had to get out of the dungeon to go to Gurlesque! In particular to see ms_victoria and non-lj mate Suze in the fabulous Phat Bottomed Bulesque…. they were so sexy and fabulous – I’m so glad I saw the show because I missed the last outing at Hellfire because I was away in Melbourne at the time.

This morning – a very naughty schoolgirl – a young lady I’ve disciplined before… People often ask me if I see many female clients – and I do! Often for traditional corporal punishment/ spanking sessions if they are not part of a couple… I think many women feel more comfortable being spanked by another woman – that their boundaries will be respected. Particularly ladies for whom cp isn’t a directly sexual experience…

Then I went to Fair Day – and saw surprisingly less people than might have been thought. But lots of people anyway… Lots of whom were in leather splendor, but I wasn’t – it was too wet so I was wearing nice capri pants and cute “girl with whip” t-shirt. I nearly bought a PVC corset that a few sluts might have enjoyed wearing – but didn’t 🙁 oh well….

Nice to see ozgenre with others – sadly his friend didn’t like my t-shirt 🙁 but then I’d been a bit “pass remarkable” about her buying dog-goggles from a pet care stand so maybe that had something to do with it…. ooops – must remember not to articulate every thought – especially with new people.

Another session tonight was very fun – my bondage and ball-stretching friend! He hadn’t even noticed that his photo is on my website! He’s pride of place on the “sessions” page – or rather I am fiddling with suspension bondage on some anonymous male slave… which is a wonderful chance for an exhibitionist to show off safely – I know a few who get a little thrill from seeing themselves up there…

We usually invite friends around to play as he loves semi-public exposure – but this time decided to keep it just us…

But we did go on an outing to dinner! He’s also a vegetarian – so we tried out a Vego Vietnamese restaurant on Enmore Rd I hadn’t been to before… very tasty – but I have to admit I was scared of the Soy Prawns – they looked exactly like real ones!!!

He had a special surprise and gave me a lovely necklace – ohhh – how sweet 🙂 It’s always so nice to get presents – and unexpected… though I have to admit some people do spoil me 😉

Anyway – I should head off to bed…. it’s late but I’m sitting up drinking a nice glass of wine (another gift from the same sub) and blathering on here…… hehehehe – I’ve got to get up in the morning and drive my Mum and her cats to the vet! Just goes to show that saying must be true – no rest for the wicked!