You shall go to the ball….

by | Feb 26, 2005

I decided at the very last minute that I was going to go to Rubber Ball after all… I was tossing up wether to go or not but so many of my friends are going to be there I though I may as well!

I’m not wearing rubber though – just to be perverse 😉 but then I do have the amazing new leather princess skirt (complete with train) to show off!

Session with beltmeplease was great fun – he did leave “unrelieved” this morning and re-locked into the CB3000! I’ll have to put some pics up… We went to the Oxford Tavern with the intent that he’d suffer watching all the sexy girls dancing around – I was very disappointed however that while there was one “lingerie” barmaid, her interpretation of lingerie was very much on the modest side and she just seemed very nice and not particularly sexy (though pretty and slim)… poop – went out looking for sin and there wasn’t any 🙁

I’ve never seen a strip show apart from gurlesque which is more quirky kinky performance…. so I was very let down…

Not that beltmeplease is getting away without this particular torment – I might have to get him to take me to Dancers or something!

Okay – I should try and have a little nap – still very tired from overnight session and I’m going to be going out….