A rather late update!

by | Mar 30, 2005

Not a lot of updating recently – I managed to put my neck out in my sleep on Sunday night and it’s still sore… Monday was hell – I was propped up in bed on pillows with lots of heat and nurofen…

Tuesday I felt much better, and did a couple of fabulous sessions, one with a new baby… very fun – he was more from the “humiliation baby” perspective than the “role-play for real” baby. I find them to be totally different while enjoying similar activities – very interesting. The other session was with a slave who I get to play with quite often – we spent a little bit of time downstairs in the catacombs which was a nice change… I really love his sessions (probably because they involve the cane, lots of g/s, strap-on and someone I like!).

Today I had a massage to try and sort my neck out then met up with badpauly for lunch… Then looked over some pics from the shoot on the weekend, which looked fantastic (thanks to the talented timling) and from a couple of previous shoots… I need to sort out a few pics to send off to some of the Mistresses who will be hosting me while I’m in the States so they can put them up for me!

Then another session – again with someone I see very regularly… He’s into humiliation, g/s, foot worship and spitting… very fun – this time I used a whitehead gag to hold his mouth open for my own nefarious purposes – hehehehe. Love that gag 😉

My neck still isn’t better – but at least I’m not wandering around like the bride of frankenstein like Monday… Apparently I might have a pinched nerve – but it should release soon.

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