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by | Mar 2, 2005

I’m in a bad mood tonight – which shouldn’t be the case because I had a fantastic session… lots of foot worship, golden showers, humiliation and even pantyhose fetish!

It was very fun – we incorporated a secretary/boss role play where I was the secretary that caught my chauvinistic boss out with porn on his computer…

I had someone say something so funny to me the other day, he’d been ringing trying to get same day bookings for a few days and I was busy – he got a bit frustrated and asked “Why are you always so busy, none of the other Mistresses are busy – I can get bookings with them”… I refrained from comment….

Someone rang me tonight asking to make a booking for an overnight session + house slave the next day! I had to let him know that I only do those sorts of sessions with people that I’ve seen before (and actually like)… Imagine being stuck with someone all day and all night that you didn’t get on with!

In other news – Off with their heads!!!

Which character from Alice in Wonderland Are You?

Queen of Hearts

The Queen is large and in charge. Don’t mess with her.

Off with her head!

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