Dance dance dance….

by | Mar 5, 2005

But I’m not a kitty cat 😉

It’s Mardi Gras tonight! Yay – not going in the Parade, I’ve done that – with Sydney Leather Pride of course – the one where they had the giant pissing man statue that a friend of mine made 😉 all that walking and being gawked at by yobbos wasn’t really very appealing though. Maybe if I get to get pulled in a slave drawn chariot like Midori this year I’ll change my mind 😉

I’m not wearing anything terribly impressive – my lovely leather kilt and zip front top from Karnal, knee high leather stompy boots (for all the stompy dancing) and pillowfoot socks! Anyways old leather is often the best leather – I like that it just looks like my clothes and not a costume.