by | Mar 27, 2005

Easter always seems like a strange holiday – sort of like Yom Kippur or something – a religious holiday that I don’t really share… though I did catch up on family things today – see, even Mistresses have mothers 😉

In other news the weather was very beautiful today – I even washed the dog!

I was talking to a sub about my cross dressing wardrobe today – I really think it’s sad that there are so many ladies who advertise that they do cross-dressing without having a decent wardrobe… I can’t claim to have as much a I got to play with at Salon Kittys – but there certainly are a variety of outfits, shoes, corsets and wigs!

I had an email from a CP enthusiast sub who wants to organise a session when I get back from the US – he’s planning well in advance, which isn’t a bad idea really – I know a lot of people ring me at the last minute and then are very disappointed that I’m already booked out…

Anyway – he’s always fun – and want’s to get one of my girlfriends to come and watch – the only problem is which girl! If it’s out of office hours (most of my friends are very busy 9-5 being lawyers or marketing directors or whatever) then there is a bit of a bun-fight of curious girls 😉 during office hours it’s more “who’s not in class” from my uni student friends!