On my way!

by | Mar 31, 2005

I finally put my new passport application in…. I know – there’s only a couple of weeks to go…. but for some reason I never seemed to make it with pics, signed thing (thanks cubboy!) and cash to the post office… apparently it will arrive in time – eek! But the postie man said I didn’t need to pay extra for the 48 hour turnaround.

I was in touch with Mistress Chloe from Labyrinth NYC today – she’s excited to have me visit… I’m really looking forward to meeting her and the other ladies there… they all seem really nice. Maybe I’ll get to do some double sessions – I’ve really missed that interaction in a way – I used to get to do double sessions quite often when I was at SK… also training apprentice Mistresses, it was always something I enjoyed.

Today was fun. For some crazy reason it was Canberra day! Note to late slave – do not drive to Petersham via Cleveland Street – no wonder you were so late…. 😉 the Tempe exit is your friend – or even Kingsgrove Rd and then up Canterbury Rd… just not all the way in and then all the way out again!

However much fun once he arrived – locked away in the gaol cell to wait and worry and then some serious (non-marking) cbt and torment!

Other Canberra slave was someone quite new to BDSM – he’d had an introductory session in the past, but it didn’t really work so well… so lucky for all us Mistresses that he tried again! The session went really well – even if he did have to have a heap of extra spanks for swearing at me!