Relaxing end to a busy week

by | Mar 13, 2005

Yesterday was good fun, I had one of my favourite regular slaves in to play for a couple of hours… he’s into cp, golden showers, foot worship and strap-on… what’s not to love! Funny thing is, he told me that he was scared off coming to see me originally because I seemed too brutal – but somehow after a a couple of visits he was begging for the cane and now takes a lot of caning and really craves it!

I think that’s the thing people need to realise when reading about other people’s sessions – that what might be extreme for them is really only moderate for another… I gave someone his first ever taste of the cane a few days ago (which was very hot) and I know that he will be “stripey” for longer than yesterday’s sub simply because he has a “virgin bottom”…

Last night was Midori’s “Bondage Lab” workshop – which was good fun… Then the DV8 play party. Party was fun, I mostly just hung out chatting to people – including Midori listening to tales of SF mayhem… She gave cubboy an introduction to sap gloves – hehehe – and also some beautiful side kicks to the back… one lucky cub was flying I think…. I also caught up with a few people I know – I don’t go out so much to parties – mostly I think because I got a bit out of the habit from 4 years working Saturday night at Salon Kittys! However I’m getting a bit more social these days 😉

Today went for lunch in Newtown and bought some CDs and books – all cheap! Fish had a heap of good stuff on the $10 table so I picked up some dance music compilations – the sort of thing I like playing in session… then I wandered down to Elizabeths and picked up a couple of books – including an Ian McEwan – not the new one though on account of how it hasn’t made it to the second hand shop yet 😉 I love books so much, but they’re so expensive that I really try to avoid buying them new – so Elizabeths is great.