So Busy!

by | Mar 11, 2005

I’ve been so busy the last couple of days – so that’s why no updates…

Wednesday I had lunch with Midori – who’s here currently on a teaching tour. I took her to Icebergs Dining Room at Bondi Beach… I’d not been there before, but have had fabulous feedback on it from friends and thought it would be an ideal choice. Which it was – the view is astounding and the food was great!

As of course was the company 😉 – I now have a few good shopping tips for when I visit the states next month!

We then walked to Bronte from Bondi – which is one of the prettiest walks around – along the coast with lots of beautiful sandstone, sea and luckily lots of sunshine!

Rushed back to the dungeon for a session which was with one of my foot slaves – speaking of which : Midori’s got a new book out of foot worship… maybe I need to have it in my library to lend to slaves who need to learn how to take care of my feet better!

Then rush with badpauly to the Advanced Rope Bondage workshop – which was very fun… very much focussed on new ways to think about bondage, and how to be a good bondage top… I loved the idea of “beige” as a safeword – hehehehe – being bored into safewording!

Midori showed how to do a take down tie – on me! Ha – taught me not to wiggle out of things, it’s kinda hard to put me in submission holds because I’m so flexible so I learned the hard way 😉

Yesterday I had three sessions – all very different.

Strict Aunt giving her “naughty nephew” (in his 60’s) the cane.
Heavy humiliation with lots of kicking
and then a couple of hours of fairly intense slave training that also included giving someone their first taste of the cane 😉 and then a *lot* of g/s – hehehehe

The Midori’s workshop on Military and Interrogation Scenes – which was fantastic! Very sexy indeed 😉

The star was cubboy! Who was Midori’s victim and underwent a very intense (and hot) interrogation that involved body punching, face slapping, hard blows the the body with a lovely leather bound hacking cane from Harrods (okay – so I’m a gear snob) and the threat of a stun gun!

Plus lots of water torture with a wet bandanna over the face…

But she couldn’t be broken…. and to think all Midori wanted was her phone number! Ha – I could have told her what it was – hehehehehe

I was supposed to have a session this morning – but I found myself willing the phone not to ring as I really wanted to sleep in and spend some time catching up on email etc… somehow it worked! So sorry to the poor sub if my psychic powers somehow held him at bay 😉