Wet weather and chaste slaves

by | Mar 23, 2005

I’m mooching about at home today looking at the rain and trying to catch up on email… such a lot of wind last night – I had to get up in the middle of the night to shut the metal doors on the fuse box outside as they were banging… it was rather spooky – I was thinking “if this were a horror movie, I’d be yelling at myself not to go out there”…

I had a couple of fabulous sessions on Monday – plus a shoot with badpauly with mssslut as my model of the day 😉 we’ll have to see how it all turns out!

I forgot to mention – last friday I locked up *another* cock! Hehehehe – as people may know – beltmeplease is back in chastity again – though he did take the foolish tack of locking himself in when I still had the keys! That was on New Year’s Day so he’s long passed his previous record of 67 days!

This sub is someone I’ve been seeing for sometime – again I never realised that he was attracted to chastity until he begged me to be a keyholder and take his submission…

He’s only been in for a few days – but I can tell that his mind is very focussed on me! Very nice… I’m not going to keep him locked away too long – well – not this time anyway!

I rather enjoy gloating over the keys and thinking about my poor slaves helplessly locked away… maybe I need to get a special key display case to hang in the dungeon – it might be a little scary for most people though – plus the fact I might feel driven to fill it up with more keys!