At last – an update!

by | Apr 27, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates… I’m now staying with my friends in Evanston (which is a suburb of Chicago) It’s so nice to be in a house again and eating “proper” food instead of restaurant food.

Las Vegas was fabulous – very glam! I went to see the Grand Canyon – which is something I wanted to do ever since I was a little girl and I saw the Brady Bunch episode! The plane was *very* small – eep! And the weather wasn’t great – we ended up being diverted from the South Rim (which is the national park) to the West Rim which is where the Hualapai Nation live – this was pretty cool – there are no fences at all so you have to watch your step!

The Grand Canyon is amazing – the Hualapai are building a big vistor centre with a walkway cantilevered out over the canyon… which would be incredible.

It rained and hailed but it stopped and I ventured out for a walk around – of course the rain started up again when I was furthest from shelter! Very very cold… which was a big change from Las Vegas… I’ve got some photos so I’ll try and get them up here later.

For my last night in Las Vegas I went to see a traditonal show with lots of feathers and rhinestones! It was fabulous – very camp – but really really fun and the costumes were amazing… It was the one recommended to me by Mistress Serena who saw it when she visited Las Vegas a couple of years ago.

Chicago has been great so far – yesterday I went into Bucktown and visited the Fluevog store to buy some sexy boots (pair three so far this trip!) and a quick stop at G boutique… then a manicure and pedicure to sort out my slightly roughened feet and then off to Mistress Maya’s beautiful dungeon for a play date!

It was a very fun session – he’s already written a review – so go check out the review board on Max Fisch if you want to see it… (not having my stickies aka code file I’m not going to attempt the html here)

Today’s plan is walking around looking at Chicago – maybe a new pair of jeans? And then a burlesque show tonight which looks like a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday to timling! Who turns 33 today – or was that 4?