Funny how things work out…

by | Apr 8, 2005

Well yesterday I had a couple of fun sessions, both with new people – which is a change because usually 3 out of 4 of my sessions are with what used to be called “return to Mistress” when I was at Salon Kittys!

Both involved the use of rope 😉 the latter one was particularly fun – he asked me if there was any way to restrain his head – well deeerrrrrr – hehehehe – I tied in a whitehead gag so his mouth was ratcheted wide open – mmmmm – my friend was in to watch and giggle too which was very fun!

However – at the end of the day I had used nearly every rope in the dungeon! And there was already a bag of dirty rope that had missed going through the wash because it was full of towels…

As I looked at my depleted rope spot I said – “I bet I’ll get a heavy bondage session tomorrow” hahaha

And who rang me today?

Mr G. the heavy bondage fiend!


Lucky for me I have enough rope to tie the moon to the earth… but I did have to scrounge around to find bits and pieces. But I decided to do some different sorts of things – and did some pantyhose bondage which was a big change… very fun and I also really enjoyed using my knife to slice through the sheer nylon when I wanted to get him out 😮

Now all the other rope was clean – but it takes a while to dry… so it was hanging on the cage like some strange decoration still rather damp…

Tomorrow is more business… a dear sub of mine coming in to be “slave for a day” – and then an longer session with heavy latex restriction…. mmmmmm heavy latex!