Hot weekend!

by | Apr 4, 2005

What a fabulous weekend – summer came back for two more days!

I had a few very fun sessions over the last couple of days – with the common thread of the cane and/or golden showers! 😀 now either of those are a great way to make a happy Mistress!

Plus of course taking my dog out for a couple of outings – one with majorwigglebutt and his human cubboy for a good walk and a chat (for humans)/ sniff (for dogs) and the other to Cafe Bones to sit in the sun and read my current book with all the mad puppies running all over the place!

Today’s session was a sub who had previously seen my friend Mistress Serena when she was at Salon Kitty’s – she’s retired from professional domination now – though I’m still in touch… she’ll be very glad to hear that her training has held and the submissive in question is very well behaved! I only hope that those people who mention my name when playing with other ladies hold up as well!

Which makes me think about exclusivity – I don’t expect it at all! There are so many interesting and beautiful Mistresses around, I’d be surprised if some subs didn’t want to play with them all! Plus there’s the fact that because I only take a limited number of sessions a week, it can sometimes be hard to get a time with me – especially on the same day… Plus I love hearing about the mischief people have been getting up to – it gives me even more ideas!

Which was one of the nicest compliments I’ve had in session – “You’ve got so many ideas Mistress” – really made me smile…