I’m here!

by | Apr 20, 2005

Well the flight was a flight – I really don’t like being locked up in such a small space! Because I flew Air New Zealand I had to hang around Auckland airport for a couple of hours – let me tell you there is nothing to recommend Auckland airport – you have to pay for Internet! They had those coin-operated carrels – as I didn’t have any New Zealand coins I didn’t bother.

The hotel in Hollywood is really nice – the room is lovely – I’m going to go downstairs and have some breakfast in the restaurant.

My computer time is saying that it’s two o’clock in the morning – but local time is 9am…

Oh – the new pope has been appointed…. I wonder what he’ll be like? Old, male, catholic – guess that says it all.

Back at Starbucks – I just walked forever and a day down Sunset to the Virgin Megastore to buy a mobile (or rather cell phone) as the one Lady Constanze sent me hasn’t arrived and as I’m only in LA for two days it’s better just to go get one of my own…

Will report shortly when I can get the box open to let everyone know what the number is!