Las Vegas!

by | Apr 22, 2005

I wrote a cool update about all the fun I had in LA at Goddess Sativa’s Hollywood Chambers – and the fabulous subs I’ve been playing with… but then stoopid Xjournal crashed and ate it so you will never know 😉

I left LA this morning in a flurry of anxiety because the airport shuttle was more than half an hour late! Then of course it had to stop and pick up a lot of other people… all the way to the airport I was worrying more and more that I was going to miss the plane – of course the guy I was chatting to kept teasing me and making me worry more!

Somehow the crazy shuttle driver made it – and they still let me check-in though I was about 50 minutes before the flight and they advise arriving 2 hours early for LAX! Phew – is all I can say!

Vegas is amazing – a lot more glamorous than I was expecting to tell the truth – I think I was expecting it to be a bit more tacky than it is… but then where I’m staying is too expensive to be tacky!

I have a fun session booked for tomorrow – really looking forward to using some of the toys I’ve packed – I’ve laid them all out in a draw waiting for their turn 😉 plus I bought two new silicone dildos today – so much cheaper than they are in Sydney – I’ve been meaning to get some a little larger than the little purple one that’s my “usual”….

Sorry if I’m not responding to everyone’s comments – my internet time is a little limited so I’m just trying to keep up with emails and PMs on Max!