Less than a week!

by | Apr 12, 2005

Eep – this time next week I’ll be in LA!

I had a fun day yesterday – confirmed where I’ll be playing in Chicago (either with Miss Maya Sinstress or Mistress Crimson) did some chasing up on things and stuff… and contacted the other Mistresses who occasionally play at Underworld to let them know that there will be someone to let them in while I’m away!

Then off to the dungeon!

The first one was someone new (to me) – lots of nipple torture and some cbt – it was really fun. Then in the evening Mr B from Melbourne – with a couple of my friends in to watch – I wonder if I gave them too much wine! They certainly seemed to be having a lot of fun and got quite involved – though I was there of course to keep them under control! Never trust a curious girl!

I’m going to miss my dungeons while I’m away – but I’m hoping to get a lot of good ideas from the other Mistresses I will be visiting and see what other people do…