puppy and stuff update

by | Apr 14, 2005

Some cool things to report for today…

I saw my puppy this morning – she seems to be better but has renal problems (at only 4 and a half)… she’s responding to her treatment – and fingers crossed she will be home in a week (to “grandparents” while I’m in the US) – she was very bright and happy when I visited, even on a drip – but it’s early days yet…. I can’t believe her terrible timing while I’m just about to travel – but she has a lot of people (including the best vet in the (Inner )West) looking out for her.

Any prayers or well wishes sent her way (Buffy aka BooBoo) gratefully accepted!

In other news – fun is always very good!

I has a session today – which involved my friend Fleur!

It was very fun – and was more of a “voyeur” from the man’s side – seeing some of what happened when a cute young girl met a cruel Mistress…. it was our first time playing together – and I have to say I’m going to be up for more! Miss Fleur was so fun to play with – so sweet and very responsive to all my cruel torments… she left with a hot red bottom and with a lot of fascinating memories!

Then dropped my latest skirt to Karnal for taking in before I travel (it’s grown)… and off to Radical Leather to pick up a new leather paddle (now dubbed the Servalan Paddle!!!) and some other bits and pieces 😉

Miss deense was clearing out some stuff… prior to going home – and I scored some lovely things! She’s such a sweetie – I’ll miss having her around… but when she comes back she’ll be “old married lady”…