Shoe shopping!

by | Apr 21, 2005

Yesterday was shopping day – I went and bought a cell phone 847 942 1492 and then ventured down Hollywood Boulevard and looked at shoes!

There is a whole big run of shops that seem to cater to strippers and it’s easy to find a whole lot of cheap shoes, spangled costumes and cheap PVC… also fetish and platform shoes!

I was really looking for leather boots – which I have to say were in very short supply, and most of the shops seemed to have all the same stuff – very cute stuff though! I kept thinking of crimsontide when I saw a lot of the pink shoes and boots… she would have gone mad if she’d been here!

Showing admirable restraint – I bought a pair of cute black open toe shoes with red lacing detail at Fredrick’s of Hollywood – and then after a fair bit of looking found a store that had “natural leather” boots (as opposed to all the leather-look I suppose). Yay! I also bought a pair of patent platform ankle boots to replace my favourite boots – they’re sadly falling apart, but I’ve had them since I was an apprentice Mistress and I wear them for probably two thirds of all the sessions I do. These new ones are almost identical – possibly a little higher…

I’m not sure if I can bring myself to throw the old ones away 🙁 I’ve had them for 5 years and I love them dearly!

I dropped into Goddess Sativa’s Hollywood Chambers today – I have to say her dungeons are beautiful – and immaculate! Very nice bondage furniture from Sonny Black – and the main dungeon is so spacious and light… very sexy indeed. I’m really looking forward to playing there today.

In Pattern Recognition the character refers to London as the “Mirror world” – and this is a bit what America is like to me… unlike other places I’ve travelled it’s not “Foreign” with a capital-F more the-same-but-not. The water in the toilet comes up too far and the Coke can has 355mL instead of 375 – plus there’s the whole wrong side of the road thing… But unlike Italy, or Thailand or Indonesia – it’s not very different to what you’re used to… just enough that it’s like a slightly distorted mirror – unlike New Zealand, which always feels like a suburb you haven’t been to before where everything is pretty much the same.

Of course from what I’ve heard California is a lot less of a “culture shock” for Australians – I’ll have to report on Las Vegas and Chicago!