too much fun… hehehehe

by | Apr 9, 2005

But now I’m so tired!

slave-for-a-day was fabulous!!! So much fun – I’ve been seeing him for years and years, but this was the first time we’d done a longer session. The scenario was that he was a boy at a school who’d been caught with stolen girl’s panties on numerous occasions (true – in other sessions anyway) – so drastic measures were now to be taken! To see how he’d like *really* being a girl (and with the threat of having to come back next term as his sister), he had to spend the day learning to be a female…

– dressed in lingerie and a cleaning lady uniform
– to demystify the panties, he had to sort through all the panties, lingerie, dresses, stockings and assorted stuff (ie – help me sort and chuck a lot of the old “dress-up clothes” that I still had from Mistress Synna)
– forced to clean the bathroom – while being cleansed with an enema! Oh no – had to ask to release it before the job was done. Plus – a slovenly job!
– punished for lack of self control and slovenliness – spanking, the strap and then a plug!
– cleaning of the punishment chamber to strict standards
– solitary confinement to ponder the sad fate of those who pilfer
– laundry – handwashing some delicate items 😉
– then more with the strap, and then given a choice; female sex-education or a sound caning!
– Hmmm sex education with the strap-on!

In the end he was allowed to go home again in boy clothes… but who knows what will happen next!

So much fun was had – I ended up with a huge bag of old clothes to give to charity, plus plenty of cleaning and washing done!

All in all a bit over 5 hours… which really gave slave the feeling of being under my control. So much more immersive than a regular timed session…

My other session today was also a long one! 3 hours that mostly focussed on sensory deprivation, some whipping and singletailing, electrical, bondage, strap-on, mummification and lots and lots of hoods and gags….

Someone I hadn’t seen before – which is always interesting, and a nice balance to seeing someone I know really well. He was great, and we had a lot of fun – he was very brave with the back flogging – especially as he told me later he wasn’t that experienced in that area! Well – he did say “no limits” when we started – though he did of course have a safe word (or signal when gagged)…

Now I just need to “come down” so I can go to sleep! I have to get up in the morning and go to a podiatrist appointment – have to keep these feet beautiful!