When is big too big!?

by | Apr 10, 2005

Today was another beautiful sunny autumn day – when I get back from the States it will be getting a lot colder!

I went to Paddy’s Markets today to buy cute silly presents for the friends I’m staying with – well for their daughter actually – very cute little toy kangaroo, pink “Australia” t-shirt, little furry backpack etc.

I also bought an extremely large, extremely purple suitcase… But now – I’m worried that it will be too big! Maybe they won’t let it on the plane – which seems strange – because why would they sell cases that you can’t use…. but hmmm – I’m not sure now.

I’m going to have to take a “back-up” case with me to the airport when I leave just in case it gets turned away. Wouldn’t that be a hilarious site – me sitting on the floor in the departures at Sydney airport trying to re-pack all my fetish gear into a smaller case!

I’ve been discussing some cool sessions with subs in the states! I’m really looking forward to meeting lots a new kinky people – and of course getting a really good squizz at what the rest of the world keeps in their dungeons!